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  • Sweden.

    I got to Sweden today for Way Out West Festival with Miguel. We left LA yesterday at 1:30p, finally getting to the hotel today at 1:30p. It's exactly the reason why once you really start touring, it's not even worth it to count the days anymore. Sometimes they go by with dizzying speed, other times you're 5 days into a particular run and it feels like you've been gone a month. I manage to do a lot of fun things by not particularly caring what time or day it is. 

    Tonight should be fun, we play at 9:30p. It will probably still be light outside because that's how this part of the world gets down. Scandinavia as a whole gang is pretty awesome. The women are beautiful (albeit too tall for my taste, but fun to watch from the stage), the men still kinda look like Vikings, and the whole vibe here is welcoming and less Hollywood than London or Paris or some place that knows its cool because it's on everyone's tshirts. Also, Rodriguez is playing tonight. I watched Searching For Sugarman on a flight a while back and it's the first time a flick has made me cry since I don't know.