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  • Mom

    My Mom just sent me a text that she checked out my website (a week after it was launched, she's a busy lady;) and that she hopes I'll keep up with the journal, because she knows I tend not to slow down for these things. It's 6am and I've just finished a monster marathon studio session with Monomaniac (the song is called Something More Comfortable, more on that later...) and am gonna get about 3hrs rest before 10am rehearsal with Miguel for the upcoming Drake tour. And she's right, I for sure was not gonna write anything because I've been writing all day. But the new song is hype! There's other news too that I should mention before I pass out & forget to post this entirely...

    We shot the first Smashtronauts video last week, I'll be seeing first edits by late this week. The shoot was crazy fun and I want to direct the next one. I went home to Baltimore for 2 days last week to surprise my little sister for her birthday, which is actually today consequently. She was surprised and I love home, I saw my homie DJ Rainier and we drank beers &  rode jet skis. Finally felt like summertime after all this travel and work (Woe is me haha). Anyway here ya go Mom, the sun is up now. Goodnight, I'll be posting new music soon:)