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  • Chill

    We got in to Sydney, Australia at 6am this morning. We left Friday and today's Sunday so Saturday literally didn't exist, haha. Good thing I gave up on time, calendars and schedules long ago, like 3 years or something, or else that might rattle me. Anyway I'm here with Miguel, we played a television show today that is the #1 show in australia, but I can't tell you what it is yet because it's some sort of secret reveal at the end of the season. Who knows, show business is retarded when it comes to who knows what, cuz mostly nobody knows anything. Or at least, the more you act like you know shit, the more you are fully fronting haha. At least I can admit I'm winging it;)

    Anyway, I'm in australia, where I've never been before, and it occurred to me: it takes me coming to a place where I literally know nobody to finally take a breath and do what I'm doing all night right now. Watching TV & playing my guitar in bed. Seriously, never do this anymore. It's totally ok, but tomorrow we'll probably have to get back to warp speed and I'm ok with that.