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  • Practice, Perfect, etc.

    I've been in or around LA for 2 solid weeks! Longer than it's been all year! I love this city. Everybody gives it a hard time, but they're just not pretentious and superficial enough to understand;)

    I went to San Diego for the weekend to watch the Ravens game with like 35 Maryland immigrants who live in SoCal now. We shipped crabs over night from the Chesapeake Bay, started drinking at 10am, and won the football game. San Diego is amazing and beautiful, and somehow there is ALWAYS a reason to just party absolutely all day long. Never fails. 

    Right now I am sitting in SIR Hollywood, taking 5 from Miguel rehearsal with me & my 4 brothers. We are preparing music for the upcoming tour with Drake next month. Safe to say there is a little spirit of healthy competition in here. We wanna show everybody up on this tour, which is pretty consistent with how we always feel. We wrap in 45 and will head down the street to Tender Greens for lunch like we always do. The Happy Vegan plate is delicious and incredible and just as pretentious as it sounds;)