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  • Vegas at 4am

    This city is more hype & alive at 4am than most cities are at rush hour. Not that everybody who is contributing to the hype is not a total hot mess or fully ridiculous, but I'm not! And I'm here! Actually I don't know, maybe I am a ridiculous mess, Vegas just makes you think that it's a good thing. 

    Just wrapped the iHeartRadio festival with Miguel. The lineup tonight was insane. Too good, really, for consumption in such a small period of time. It's like if all your favorites restaurants delivered your favorite meal at the same time; I mean they all smell great, but some of them are going in the fridge for later. Anyway, Paul McCartney, Zedd, Miley, Phoenix, 30 Seconds to Bruno Mars (both of em), us, Ke$ha, Drake, Justin Timberlake. People will undoubtedly ask who was best, and that's just a ridiculous question. 

    Sometimes I miss this city, other times it makes me insane. But I have a flight to catch at 9am and a looooong ass video shoot tomorrow with Smashtronauts starting at noon. So I'm trying to decide wether I should answer my phone, which is ringing off the hook as I write this. I'm not that popular, I just make a lot of empty promises when running aroun a festival in Vegas filled with tons of people I halfway know who are trying, however helplessly, to have THE time of their life tonight. Maybe I can help, but you're probably all on your own;)