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  • Sweet Home Cali

    Day 2 of the Sweet Home California video shoot: In an RV tearing up the 5 freeway in the middle of the night. We were supposed to be wrapped and heading back to LA by now but instead we are driving away from it, north to San Francisco, our original itinerary dashed after a tire blowout last night had us more or less stranded overnight in a desert parking lot. We made the most of it though. There are 6 of us, and enough booze to drown 10 men and enough space in this Winnebago to have a legitimate house party. We still shot bits for the video all through the night, even if we were supposed to be waking up in SF. Instead we came to on that same stretch of desert and waited while the AAA extra special unit rerimmed and tired our weary automobile: Mobile Command Station Pluto Mars (or MobCom PluMar)

    First we headed south deeper into the Indio desert, back to a destination we had given up on the night before on account of having run out of sunlight, but which we decided to double back to in an attempt to make a silver lining out of our broken down night. We're all glad we did because Leonard Knight's Salvation Mountain is unreal. When we release the video in a few months you'll see what I mean. San Francisco is far away, especially traveling at the new reasonable speeds we've adopted since the near-death scare last night. But we'll get there in the morning in time to shoot the Golden Gate Bridge and the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Fest which happens to be this weekend, and all types of other shit in one of the hippest cities in the world. I love the Bay Area. When we're done we'll head back down the coast, get in the ocean, start a bonfire, and basically rage all the way back to LA. Can't wait to shoot, see & share the new Smashtronauts video. Right now I have to play navigator because I'm riding shotgun in Mobcom Plumar and our driver DJ Kick Mix wants to find some good food somewhere in this desert expanse. Sweet home Cali indeed:)