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  • Turn Off Your Mobile Devices...

    I'm sitting on a plane to australia. I have a window seat & a hash lollipop & good ass headphones to kisten to mad foreign films. I've never been to Australia, in fact it'll be the most west I've ever been, and so far the whole westerly manifest destiny thing has been really good to me, I'm sure this'll be no different. It's a little bitter sweet leaving my home and studio in LA (the Launch Pad). I've been holed up there the past week with a bunch of my friends coming through creating records day and night. I was actually hoping to have 4 of them done by the time I left town today, but deadlines are a bitch and I guess I'm a perfectionist? I dont know, they are close though! I'm sitting on the plane listening to rough mixes and sending notes back and forth to my conspirators. It's fun, it's just as fun as touring really, even if way more predictable, haha. Anyway, australia for a week then back to LA for a day, then Philly for Made In America (I'm out of the loop but my sister is coming up from Baltimore because she says its a big deal), then the real deal, LABORAGER on the Baltimore harbor for my bday:) Lots of traveling ahead, I promise to get these records done to share with whoever's listening. Oh, also we got the first edit back of the new Smashtronauts lyric video. Lots of editing and colorizing and techy stuff to do for that too, it's gonna be beautiful though. I'll keep in touch w myself about it right here from the outback:) I'll probably write a new song while I'm there too, new places do that to me.