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  • Would You Like A Tour?

    Pretty modest name, right? Yeah, no. Hip hop culture is not about the downplay, the humility, or the safe zone. Never has been. This tour is huge, the fans are one high-heeled step away from seizure at all times, or at least one shreiking scream away from an aneurysm. (I love that, btw). And all the excesses that Drake & Future, and even Miguel, sing and rap and chant about are totally being lived out on the nightly. I heard the other day that Future has a dude who will tie his shoe for him should he need it (yeah, if it was a 'bad bitch' that'd be cooler, I was thinking that too...). And every night, Drake is somewhere hosting an afterparty and being everybody's dream after having already ripped a 2 hour show. I suppose if everyone was at the club celebrating me I'd be able to stand it, but as we're 2 months into this daily routine and they are not paying me so much attention behind the 18 bottles of Ciroc and bustier'd waitresses that dart so determinedly between gorilla-sized security guards, I'm sort of a big fan of the tour bus party at this point. I'm actually a huge fan of the 'let's go roll a joint and watch a movie on the bus' method of after party right now, haha. But mostly because Christmas is 10 days away and I'm so down to just wear pajamas all day for a while.

    Being born affected with wanderlust yet having a totally real affinity for my 2 homes (Mom's house in Baltimore and the Launch Pad in LA) is a curious limbo. Whenever I'm home and working on records or just hanging with my nephews, I fully cannot wait to get back on the road and onstage and into the cyclone. And when I have been on the road and onstage for about 56 nights in a row, and the buses are slowly winding their way back to the Mid-Atlantic, I really cannot wait to get off the damn train, plant my feet firmly on the ground, and not play anything but acoustic guitar for nobody all day long. In a sense I suppose it is a real blessing, that for as completely bi-polar as the 2 sides of my career are, I pine away for both of them equally.

    The part I need to always be getting better at (most of us do, I'm convinced) is the being all the way stoked for now. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, or plain ridiculous, because my life is very good; my art is highly-favored, my family is chillin, and my youth has stuck it out with me. I am very aware that my right now is pretty regularly awesome as hell. But even still, there is generally a notion of looking forward to something. By the time that something gets here, I damn near always catch myself looking forward to the next thing. I am quite certain that most of it stems from an insatiable appetite for progression and productivity; that what I have is surely worth having but that being content feels like stasis to me and I have a very real need for movement. But all that is to say: the times in my adulthood where I felt like I was really smelling the roses were times when I was doing a lot of writing, just like this. I have books & journals full of random occurences and daily accounts of whateverness, and I go through seasons where I am filling them regularly or abandoning them completely. But it is those times where I give myself 20 minutes to write each night that I am made to see how good a day it really was. Also to make record of what actually happened as all the pieces and people and places continue to zoom by at warp speed. I am pretty much writing all this right now as a reminder to myself to do it more often, for me, and for whomever digs me enough to want to check up on me here (Hi Mom D! See you next week!;)

    Oh yeah, some people were probably hoping for more of an exposé on the Would You Like A Tour shenanigans. Well, Dallas and Portland were the livest crowds; Sacramento and Portland were the best stops because Monomaniac showed up and we shot music videos between shows; Drake is a great dude & totally worthy of his accolades; Miguel is again nominated for some Grammys and is even more worthy of it (I am not nominated this year, but check for me in 2014;) Philly was one of the most fun stops because we played a secret show for 100 people and it was lowkey totally my idea because I love that shit; and TOPSZN is the new regime, if you hadn't heard...;) My brother @mr_clandestine has put together some incredible tour videos from all of our stops and Miguel will probably roll those out soonly so you all can see firsthand whatever the hell it is we think we are doing. Til then, listen to a ton of music, read a few books, say hello to strangers and to your estranged brother or father or whoever did you wrong back in 2003, and have an awesome holiday filled with comfort and familiarity.