• Big Sky

    I was in Montana this weekend celebrating the marraige of one of my best friends and one-time closest musical partners. He is a bass player, and when I first moved out to California way back in the 2000s, he took me in and we proceeded to go about playing way too much music with way too many people. There was a time when we were inseperable, we came as a package deal. We wrote songs in his living room and tore off around town in his truck, to and from Vegas every week one year to play gigs with our rock band up there.

    He asked me to emcee the reception, and prepare a speech and wear a ridiculous suit jacket with tails and stuff, because he knows I love the attention, and if there's a microphone close by I'm bound to be on it before too long anyway. I happily obliged, even though the crazy suit was hard to find, but it was a hit. He was right, style is not completely lost on these cowboys. Come to think of it, all the bridesmaids wore cowgirl boots, and the whole event made me think 'marriage is gonna be awesome'. But not yet.

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