• Pretty much. Cru for President.

  • Need one of these now. #cru

  • No cooler dude in all the globosphere…

  • It has been brought to my attention that I am Jake the Pirate. This guy is basically Peter Pan’s protege, except he plays guitar (I guess?) and looks like me. So I’m totally into it. #bangarang

  • Still waiting on Bill Murray wanting to be my best friend.

    Also, my raucous tenure at the Viper Room started about a decade too late for the Dr. Gonzo years, but I always felt his spirit there, especially when we were really drunk…

  • One jelly donut…


  • The scariest one is Shame.

    Happiness looks like a good time though.

  • Bill Murray is the 10th member of Wu Tang.

  • Last note…Lights out…I always wanna do an encore, even when they aren’t screaming. Haha